Keshav U Krishnan

Joining Data Science Academy has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I wanted to pursue a career in Data Analytics and DSA gave me the perfect platform to learn not just the technical skills that I needed, but also to get a deeper understanding of work culture, business ideas, industry advancements and to always think out of the box. Dr. Brijesh has inspired me so much with his high professionalism, his love and dedication in imparting knowledge, his amazing skillset and vast expertise in Data Science, his patience, dignity, humility and the work culture that he imparts has made him my biggest role model. This course is structured in a beautiful way with lots of hands on practice, along with the industry knowledge and experience that Dr. Brijesh brings to the table. It has helped me make a smooth transition into the Data Analytics field and I humbly thank Dr. Brijesh and all my mentors in the Data Science Academy team for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

— Data Analytics Consultant at Ernst & Young

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