Data Science Workshop- May 10 2019

It was a perfect afternoon for a fantastic workshop.The lecture hall at Data Science Academy was packed with cheerful audience, a mix of people ranging from college freshers to seniors from EY, UST Global, IBM, Oracle, Finastra, Infosys and many more. The workshop was conducted by Data Science Academy in collaboration with Curvelogics Advanced Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Various Data Scientists from Curvelogics, including the CEO conducted the workshop. There was also a talk by an experienced design expert from iBoson Innovations Pvt ltd.

The workshop excited the audience opening them up to the vast possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, creating awareness about latest trends in the field. They also got to know some of the tools and techniques being used across business services.

Some of the  Artificial Intelligence products developed by Curvelogics were demonstrated which included Ship Detection and Tracking using Satellite Imagery, Crop harvest prediction  and Cancer Detection from Histopathology Images. Common technologies behind all of these products are Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

The event concluded with a hands-on Machine Learning session. During this session the participants were excited to build Machine Learning models with Neural Network algorithms to predict cancer. Icing on the cake was, all of this model building with Python programming language was on mobile devices, no desktops or laptops!

The workshop concluded with a thoroughly engaging interactive session where the participants were able to get their questions answered by industry experts. All the positive feedback that we received does encourage us to conduct similar events in the future as well.

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